enn-vee said: Everyone has that one person they really wanted but could never have. If given the chance would you take it or let them continue to be that one that got away?

i can’t really answer this because i’ve never had this happen to me in regards to a woman. I have the best girlfriend and never plan on her slipping away from me because i would be devastated. I guess she was kind of a person i really wanted but couldn’t have because i always believed, and still do to this day, that she is way too good for me. And you could say i had the chance to have her and  I took it.  However, in regards to a friend, i feel like many are slipping away, and i’ve tried too many times to get everything back, but recently, things have been coming back together. I just know that If it’s meant to be it will be. thank’s for the question! 

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All latinas are wifey material tbh

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